"There are so many things we like about Gotta Dance. The teachers are the best. They really care about their students, making sure they are learning and still having fun. There are different levels of classes for what your child is interested in. Most importantly, the studio is not just where Jessica dances, they are like family."

-- Steve, Helene and Jessica Zacharias

"Gotta Dance Studio...What a great place for your children to grow up and into! We have 3 daughters that have been a part of the studio for more than 11 years, and we can say that they all have grown personally, in some way, because of the experience."

The studio promotes an atomosphere of fun and structure at the same time. It is a great environment where my daughters have learned a lot about dance technique and have had a lot of fun while learning. They also have built lasting relationships with teachers, other dancers and their families (and we have, too). The teaching staff and the studio owners are wonderful and they have treated our family with kindness and respect throughout the years. They are friendly, energetic and each has a distinct style of teaching with diverse choreography. The business is run professionally, but the staff always takes into consideration any unique circumstances regarding the dancers and their families. The Gotta Dance family has become our second family...."

-- Tom and Sheila Pomaranski

"We want to thank you and your fantastic teaching staff, for teaching Chelsey, not only dance skills, but more importantly, life skills that she will draw from forever. We have always been grateful, as parents that much of the time Chelsey spent away from our home, was spent at her “2 nd home” - Gotta Dance. It is there that she has been mentored, developed life-long friends, and learned the meaning of hardwork and success. To us, this is more important than any 1 st place trophy! It has been a joy and a pleasure to share a friendship with you and your family. It has been a privilege for Chelsey to dance for such great and caring teachers. Thanks for 16 great years our memories will last forever!"

-- Cindy and Dennis Shirk

"We love Gotta Dance! We’ve been at the studio for over 8 years now and can’t say enough about our experiences there. Our daughters have learned so much more than how to dance. They’ve made so many friends and have built memories that will last forever. We really like how the students learn in a structured dance environment combined with compassion and fun. One of the things we love the most is how each teacher has her own unique style. Their dances are filled with excitement and the most diverse choreography we’ve seen. We’re proud and happy to be a part of the Gotta Dance family."

-- Kelly, Dean, Miranda and Melanie Wilking

"Our experience with Gotta Dance over the last 8 years has been wonderful! We can’t say enough about how awesome the teachers are with the kids. They are amazing and out do themselves each year. Our daughter loves going to dance. She misses it when she is not there and would be there everyday if she could. That says a lot about the studio. She has learned so much and has made many great friends. Thank you to the entire Gotta Dance staff for all you do!"

-- Carl, Lisa & Mackenzie Territo

"I want you to know that all 3 of my daughters have had nothing but a fabulous experience with you and your staff at Gotta Dance. We continue to see improvement and talent in all of their dancing, and have seen the benefits of hard work and drive. Thank you for your training & everything you have taught the girls. They are better young ladies for being Gotta Dance students. They have grown in many ways from their Gotta Dance experience physically and socially. Thank you for all that you do."

-- Gary and Michele Judge

"Coming to dance class is definitely the highlight of my daughter’s day. On days when she doesn’t have class, she misses it. In her words, it is “super fun”. The teachers are so kind and encouraging, but also challenging. The other families we’ve gotten to know are great, which is just an extra bonus you get by coming to Gotta Dance. Totally good experience for my child."

-- Kelly Greenwald

"These are our daughters Mackenzie (11) and Mickinley (6 1 / 2 ). This will be our 9 th year dancing for Mackenzie and 5 th year for Mickinley at Gotta Dance. Gotta Dance teachers are awesome! Their talent always amazes us every year with the large variety of dances they choreograph. Our girls absolutely love to dance and this we owe to the talented and caring teachers. Thank You Gotta Dance."

-- The Auger Family

"I want to thank Sandy, Suzy and all of my teachers for all your guidance and support throughout my 16 years of dance and helping make me the dancer and person I am today. I have made so many memories and friends I will never forget GOTTA DANCE is truly my second family."

-- Samantha Selleke

“In our dance of life there is only one place to go GOTTA DANCE DANCE STUDIO”. There are many studios much closer to our home, but none that can compare to the friendly and caring staff of Gotta Dance. They are very well organized and reasonably priced, especially for families with more than one dancer. I have never been to a more entertaining and versatile recital. My daughters won’t go anywhere else, they LOVE Gotta Dance!"

-- Tania, Charlene, Audrey and Vivian Yarema