Basic and advanced tumbling movements are taught on floor mats and then put into progressive combinations.

Ballet training is essential to a dancer's progress. It teaches and improves coordination, flexibility and musicality, as well as develops and strengthens the muscles. Ballet class consists of barre and center work.

One of the most popular dance forms today...hip-hop is street dancing that incorporates the break down of dance moves, which are then put into fun and fast paced combinations. Hip-hop teaches and improves rhythm and coordination.

A jazz warm up, progressions across the floor and combinations ranging from the most technical to stylized are introduced. Jazz fuses together technique and style, with a focus on stage presence.

An expressive form of dance that combines ballet and jazz techniques while telling a story to the audience. Lyrical is extremely technical and emphasizes the importance of fluidity in dance. It is suitable only for students with experience in ballet and jazz.


What is Pom? Using jazz skills, it will incorporate poms and precise arm visuals to a high energy dance mix (more of a dance team style).


Technique, musicality, rhythm and coordination are all focused on in tap class. Students are introduced to tap steps ranging from beginning to the most complex, and apply the learned material during a warm up, center floor and combinations.